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    Mr G Smith
    Subject Leader
    Email: art@hillsidehigh.co.uk
    Departmental Twitter Feed: @hhs4art


    We aim to develop the enjoyment of art and confidence in our pupils artistic skills. Art positively encourages our pupils to express themselves creatively and to be able to create unique work. Our schemes for learning offer a personalised approach to learning which allows all pupils to achieve and make progress. The nature of the subject encourages patience, perseverance, co-operation, organisation, research skills and independent learning.

    Key Stage 3

    From year 7 through to the end of year 8 we build on the skills learnt in primary school Art lessons, providing a sound basis for future progress and attainment.

    We encourage our pupils to experiment with a broad range of skills, materials and techniques as early as possible so they develop knowledge of the properties and merits of many media types.

    Pupils may work in the following media: collage, clay, sculpture, ICT, photography, pen, painting and drawing.

    Key Stage 4

    GCSE Art is a popular and successful option choice with our pupils. Choosing Art does not necessarily mean pupils want to pursue a career as a web designer, architect or fashion designer, but that they enjoy the subject and really want to develop their Artistic skills and creativity.

    Pupils create a portfolio of work over the three year course, which accounts for 60% of their final grade. The remaining 40% is awarded for the externally set task (final major project) which consists of several weeks researching and developing ideas, then ten hours completing the final piece in examination conditions. Over the course they will produce two other projects with final pieces and at least one other mini project, for example photography or researching and working in the style of their favourite artist.

    Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities

    There are several after school clubs and activities offered by our Art department. We work with visiting artists, encourage cross curricular projects and encourage pupils to become involved in art competitions. Art rooms are open during lunch time and after school for pupils to work on coursework and homework.

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