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    At Hillside we are very aware about the link between good attendance and good progress. Research has shown that the lower the attendance of a pupil the lower the GCSE grade at the end of Year 11. Less than 95% attendance every year in school equals a 1 grade difference across ALL GCSE grades.   As a result we expect all our pupils to aim for 96% attendance or above.  Additionally, this is useful preparation for the workplace, where an absence rate of 5% or above would be considered a cause for concern.

    What do the Attendance %s mean?

    If a pupil does not attend school or is not taking part in an approved educational activity, they are classed as ABSENT from school. This means that if your child is off school for any reason, even if they are ill or have medical permission to be off school, they are classed as ABSENT.

    100% Attendance = 190 days at school
    8 days absence is 96%
    12 days absence is 94%
    19 days absence is 90%
    29 days absence is 85%
    38 days absence is 80%
    47 days absence is 75%


    Hillside High School’s Attend to Success Ladder

    In order to ensure excellent attendance we have launched Hillside’s Attend to Success Ladder for pupils and parent/carers:

    What can you as parents and carers be doing?

    • Ensure your child attends every day, on time, equipped and ready to learn.
    • Ensure school has up to date addresses and telephone numbers.
    • If your child is ill, contact school by 8:45am. Contact school everyday of your child’s absence to keep us updated. Provide medical evidence.
    • If no contact is made, it is recorded as unauthorised. School is responsible for deciding if the absence is acceptable or not.
    • Ensure medical appointments are made outside of school time. If this is not possible, your child needs to be in school prior to and after the appointment. We WILL need medical evidence upon their return.
    • Avoid ‘trivial’ absence such as, ‘buying new shoes’.
    • Holidays must not be taken during term time and will result in a fixed penalty notice.
    • Contact school if you are experiencing difficulty in getting your child into school.
    • Work with the school and any other agency to resolve any difficulties which may affect regular school attendance.

    If you have any queries about whether or not your child is well enough to attend school please see the advice leaflet.

    The Attendance Team

    We have a very dedicated team of staff at Hillside who work on Attendance; the Attendance Officer and Progress Leaders scrutinise our attendance data daily and work closely with Sefton Education Welfare Services.

    As you would expect, we have very high standards and are committed to all our pupils making maximum progress.  The Attendance staff are always happy to offer advice and support to pupils, parents and families on effective strategies for maximising attendance.  If you would like more details please do not hesitate to contact school.