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    Attendance Advice for Parents

    It is vital that your child attends school as regularly as possible. This is important to avoid missing valuable lesson time and falling behind. Employers place great emphasis on consistent attendance and good punctuality and attendance will be discussed regularly with all students.  Registers are completed electronically each lesson in addition to 8.45am where morning registration takes place.

    Children of school age who are registered at a school must by law attend school regularly. It is vital that your child aims for 100% attendance. Registers are completed electronically each lesson in addition to period 1 at 8.45am where morning registration takes place and Academic Review when the afternoon registration takes place. Other than illness, any other absence should be kept to a minimum.

    If your child is ill and unable to attend school, please contact school as close after 8am on the first day of their absence using the school telephone number. If your child is off for more than one day we expect a phone call on each day of their absence giving us an update of their progress.

    When your child returns they MUST have a note from you explaining the cause of the absence, if the absence is for three days or more we will require medical evidence and for children whose attendance falls below the whole school attendance target of 95% then we will expect medical evidence for any absence.  This should be handed to their Form Tutor who will keep it on file.  Truancy from school or failure to provide a reason for absence will result in the school coding the absence as unauthorised. This in turn could lead to the issue of penalty notices if attendance falls below an acceptable level.  School will write to you every half term to inform you of your child’s attendance.

    Holidays during term time
    Amendments to the 2006 regulations from the Department for Education (which came into effect from September 2013) remove references to family holidays and extended leave. “Headteachers may not grant any leave of absence during term time unless there are exceptional circumstances”. Please note ‘exceptional circumstances’ do NOT include a situation where parents choose to take students out of school to fit in with their work related holiday dates. Please refer to the DfE “Amendments to School Attendance Regulations” for further details. If you believe that your circumstances meet the ‘exceptional’ criteria, please put your request in writing to the Principal at least one month in advance of the date. Parents who take students on an unauthorised holiday in term time will be issued with a penalty notice.

    Your child is expected to be in school at 8.40am each morning. After 8.45am your child is late and will have to enter school by reception where they will be signed in. If a pupil is late for school they will receive a 30 minute detention at the end of that day, a text will be sent to parents/ guardians during the course of the school day to inform them of this. We rely on your support and co-operation in this matter to ensure the health and safety of your child is at the forefront of all that we do.

    Medical visits
    Occasionally students will need to leave the school during the day for an urgent visit to the doctor, hospital or dentist. They must bring a note from you to show to their Progress Leader, the Progress Leader will sign this note and then the student will show the member of staff who is teaching them at the time that they need to leave. At the correct time students should excuse themselves from their lesson and go to Student Support where they must sign the signing in and out book.  When they return they should sign back in and go straight to their current lesson. Medical appointments should always be made outside school hours.

    Home Contact details
    In light of the above, it is essential that we are able to contact parents at the earliest opportunity. Please ensure that all contact details are correct including emergency phone numbers and e-mail addresses.