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    Attitude to Learning

    At Hillside, a good Attitude to Learning is the key to success in all aspects of a pupil's work. We distinguish this from Behaviour for Learning in our reporting - as even if a pupil is behaving well they may not be actively involved in thier learning. Pupils are graded 1 - 3 at each P2S round as follows:

    Criteria for Attitude to Learning

    1: Positive Attitude to Learning

    The pupil is positive about their learning and demonstrates a keen attitude towards improvements. The pupil makes a conscious effort to ensure the quality of work is produced in-line with ability. The pupil makes a conscious effort to improve areas identified by the class teacher – this includes acting upon verbal and written feedback. The pupil completes an appropriate amount of work during the lesson. The pupil attends revision session if required. Homework and revision activities are completed on time and to a standard that is deemed acceptable in-line with the pupil’s ability. The pupil models the Hillside Way ethos.

    2: Requires Improvement

    There are areas that the pupil needs to improve; he/she is not working to their full potential. The standard of wok produced is not in-line with the pupil’s ability due to lack of effort. The pupil may demonstrate a lack of motivation and/or a lacklustre approach toward learning activities. The pupil doesn’t have the basic or subject specific equipment, ‘Essential 8’ consistently. The standard of homework is below the pupil’s ability and sometimes late/or not submitted. The pupil’s attitude towards intervention/catch up sessions is not positive.

    3: Cause for Concern

    The pupil’s effort levels are a major cause for concern. The standard of work being produced is significantly below the pupil’s ability due to a serious lack of effort. The pupils engagement in the learning activities is minimal, thus impacting on progress. The pupil is poorly equipped for the lesson. Homework is often not submitted or lacks quality. If the pupil does not dramatically improve their effort towards the subject, progress will be affected.