Hillside High School

Excellence in the Heart of the Community

Wade Deacon Trust

    Behaviour for Learning

    The 3Ps

    ParticipationPresentationPurple Pen
    Attending school regularlyDate all pieces of workRead the dialogue written by the teacher carefully
    Punctuality - attending school and all lessons on timeEnsure each piece of work has a clear and accurate titleIf you are unsure about a comment or instruction the teacher has written ask for help/clarification
    Organisation - being fully equipped for the lessonAll headings on written work should be neatly underlined using a rulerAlways use the purple pen provided to respond to your teacher and make sure you write clearly
    Asking questions to extend thoughts and ideasAlways write in penReply to marking dialogue as soon as you receive it - the teacher should give you time in the lesson to do this
    Volunteering answers in classroom discussions/group workNo doodling in any manner in or on books or foldersThe dialogue is to help you make progress so take note of what is written!
    Having 'a go' but asking for help and support when necessaryDraw diagrams, graphs and table outlines neatly with a sharp pencil - use a ruler for axes and straight lines
    Completing all classwork and homework to the best of your abilityAlways to your best to write clearly