Hillside High School

Excellence in the Heart of the Community

Wade Deacon Trust

    Mrs A Jones
    Assistant Vice Principal
    Email: careers@hillsidehigh.co.uk

    Careers Education (CEIAG)


    Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) is an integral part of the school’s ethos “Excellence in the heart of the community”. Through the CEIAG programme, Hillside High School is committed to raising the aspirations of our pupils to enable them to become resilient, well informed individuals who are ready for the world of work. 


    Working with a range of outside agencies, local employers, colleges and universities, Hillside High School is committed to:

    • Reducing NEET

    • Ensuring that all of our pupils leave Hillside High well prepared for the world of work having made informed choices about their post-16 opportunities.

    • Building self confidence and resilience amongst all pupils’

    • Continuing to develop links with local employers to provide all pupils with plenty of opportunity to engage with employers / post1-16 providers

    Overview of Provision

    To see an overview of provision for each year group, please click here


    Information for students

    For more information about careers visit the careers room in school which is located in the library.  You can use this room at break and lunchtimes to research careers.  As part of your timetables lessons, you will study careers as part of the SMSC programme.  You will also be involved with other events which link to careers such as guest speakers and trips and visits.

    The following websites will give you some good information about careers.





    Information for Parents

    Please encourage your child to visit the school’s careers room to research available careers.  The room is open every day before school, break and lunch and afterschool.  Within this room, pupils can find out lots of useful information about careers.

    Pupils can also request an appointment with the schools independent careers advisor.  All pupils will begin group meetings during year 8 and 1-2-1 meetings during years 10 and 11 however, if a pupils wishes to receive an appointment earlier, please ask them to speak to their form tutor who can arrange this with our careers advisor.

    Every week as part of the SMSC circular, your child will watch a short clip related to a different careers.  Please encourage your child to discuss the career that week.   Our weekly newsletter  includes information about careers provision within school particularly events or trips that are taking place. 

    Some useful websites are listed below:-






    Information for Teachers

    The following websites are a great resource for looking for careers which link to the subject you teach. 




    Some ideas to engage your classes with careers are as follows:-

    • Show a short clip as a starter activity using the resources on careers box.

    • Discuss careers linked to specific parts of your curriculum

    • Set a homework task to research different careers related to your subject.

    • Use our school business contacts to bring in a guest speaker to talk to students about careers or to deliver part of a lesson.


    Information for Employers

    If you would like to know more how you could support our school in terms of careers, please get in touch.   Some of the ways in which we work with businesses are:-


    • Guest speaker talks and presentations

    • Delivery of small parts of curriculum content

    • Workplace visits

    • Hands on workshops

    • Representation at parents evenings and careers fairs