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    Citizenship & SMSC


    Citizenship teaching provides 'knowledge, skills and understanding' to 'play a full and active part in society’  (National Curriculum 2014).

    The citizenship curriculum fosters:

    • keen awareness and understanding of

    • skills and knowledge to

    • skills and knowledge to weigh evidence, debate and

    • pupils' ability 'to '.

    At Hillside High School, the term SMSC is used to describe the teaching of the following:


    • PSHE - Personal, Social and Health education

    • BV - British Values

    • CIEAG - Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

    • SMSC – Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

    SMSC Programme

    A dedicated SMSC programme runs throughout the school year in which students are taught compulsory Citizenship education along with other aspects of SMSC as outlined above.  Students in years 7 and 8  also complete shorter activities during morning registration time.  Assemblies take place once a week which link to an aspect of SMSC.

    The full plan can be viewed by clicking here (SMSC Overview 2018/2019)

    Hillside’s SMSC programme has been mapped to the statutory requirements for delivering citizenship education and can be viewed by clicking here (Statutory Citizenship requirements)

    Extra Curricular

    There are many events and activities which take place throughout the year in which is linked to SMSC/ Citizenship.  Some examples of events that took place in 2016/2017 are detailed below.  

    • Business and enterprise challenges such as the Everton business challenge

    • School council

    • Charity events which take place throughout the school year.

    • Visits by charities to deliver assemblies on the work they do in the community

    SMSC Circular

    Each week form tutors receive the SMSC circular which include

    • Assembly theme

    • Quote of the week linked to assembly theme

    • Assembly discussion questions

    • British Values assembly link

    • Career Assembly link