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    Mrs L Brown
    Subject Leader
    Email: drama@hillsidehigh.co.uk
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    Technology is rapidly replacing our natural forms of human communication, therefore, the primary aim of the drama department is to encourage pupils to talk and listen to each other with respect, developing the confidence to voice an idea or opinion. Through drama, we can encourage pupils to develop skills in communication and social interaction, and simultaneously raising self esteem.

    We aim to enhance their cultural awareness and extend their powers of imagination to the limit.. Drama is a valuable tool, which presents a mirror to real life and enables the release of emotion. Through drama, pupils can be empowered and are able to release emotion and frustration, develop self-awareness and challenge their own boundaries.

    As well as teaching skills in acting, we aim to develop an all-round appreciation of theatre; through learning how to create it, going to watch it and developing an ability to form a critical opinion.

    Key Stage 3

    In years 7 and 8 pupils learn a range of theatre forms to provide a broad base for the later GCSE curriculum.

    Topics taught include:

    • physical theatre skills
    • improvisation
    • page to stage
    • modern playwrights
    • masks
    • puppets
    • rehearsal techniques
    • Shakespeare.Shakespeare is taught through an active approach which brings the text to life and enables pupils to explore and delight in his wonderful language. Assessment is practical; designed to enable students to develop a broad range of skills by the end of Year 8.

    Key Stage 4

    At Key Stage 4 pupils follow AQA Drama. This syllabus has three components

    Component 1 - Written exam 40%

    • Understanding theatre - Multiple choice
    • Set play
    • Live performance review

    Component 2 - Devising 40%

    • Written Log - 60 marks
    • Performance of devised work - 20 marks

    Component 3 - 20% (Marked by an external examiner)

    • 2 scripted scenes from a chosen text

    Pupils are encouraged to develop performance skills using a range of forms which will enable them to recognise their personal strengths. Both Brecht and Stanislavski are studied. A range of specialist workshops enhance their skills and there are frequent opportunities to see live performances in a range of different venues.

    Pupils will perform for their peers and are encouraged to participate in school productions; which provides opportunity to perform for a wider audience. This course gives a good understanding of the theatre process and equips pupils should they wish to continue into further education.

    Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities

    Drama Club provides extra opportunities to develop skills and all pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves by taking part in one of our school productions. Natural talent is nurtured and developed through workshop opportunities and master classes. We have strong links with creative partners, LIPA, Vamos Theatre and Everyman Playhouse. Theatre visits are available to all and are an enjoyable way of enriching learning.

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