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    Mr R Pattison 
    Subject Leader
    Email: maths@hillsidehigh.co.uk
    Departmental Twitter Feed: @hhs4maths


    As a department, we are committed to ensuring that every pupil should have a positive experience of learning Mathematics, make continuous progress and should be challenged to achieve to their full potential.

    We aim to achieve this through excellent teaching, using a variety of resources and stimuli. Pupils are taught in a creative environment, using interactive activities and incorporating the latest technological resources. We regularly review our teaching methods and materials to ensure that they give our pupils an excellent understanding of how numbers fit together, how mathematics is relevant to everyday life and equip our pupils with the ability to use concepts and skills with confidence. We provide pupils with opportunities to work in pairs or groups to think strategically and communicate mathematically with others. Our commitment to these aims will ensure that we continue to build on our successes.

    Key Stage 3

    Pupils are placed in sets according to ability during the first term of Year 7 and we review these groups regularly to ensure that pupils are placed correctly. Our Schemes of Learning follow the National Curriculum programme of study, supported by many school-developed resources; we have subscribed to the MyMaths website and set many homework tasks online. Pupils are given challenging but achievable targets and their individual progress towards these targets is monitored through the use of informal observations within the classroom and more formal written assessments each term. Pupils who need extra support are identified and intervention put in place to help these pupils to achieve their target level. We incorporate problem-solving and functional contexts into lessons from the start of Year 7 to prepare pupils for the world beyond school.

    Key Stage 4

    Pupils are placed in sets with others of similar ability at the start of Year 10. The Mathematics GCSE course has two tiers of entry: Higher, incorporating grades 9 to 4 and Foundation, grades 5 to 1. The decision as to which tier of entry pupils are entered for is made on an individual basis and enables all pupils to achieve a grade in line with their potential. All pupils are entered with the examination board Edexcel, with most following the Modular course, which breaks down the course content into three stages. Some pupils may be entered for the Linear examination which tests the whole two year course in one sitting if that is felt to be most appropriate for them and parents are contacted if this is the case. Pupils are given challenging GCSE target grades at the start of Year 10; each individual pupil's progress is monitored through in-class assessments and the results of external examinations. Extensive analysis of assessments is carried out and individual pupils' strengths and weaknesses identified and addressed promptly.

    Additional Information

    In the Mathematics department, we have seven specialist teachers and our Mathematics classrooms are all equipped with Promethean interactive whiteboards. In addition, we have a class set of laptops to allow all pupils to use the latest mathematical software. We have a dedicated Maths Teaching Assistant who provides assistance for pupils who need extra support in Key Stage 3 and 4.

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