Hillside High School

Excellence in the Heart of the Community

Wade Deacon Trust

    Pastoral Care

    The Principal is assisted in the planning and delivery of pastoral care at Hillside by the Assistant Vice Principal Pastoral.  The Pastoral Team includes Progress Leaders, , Form Tutors, Inclusion Manager, Attendance Team, Home Liaison/ Safeguarding, an Inclusion Mentor and Learning Coach.  Form Tutors are the first point of contact at the school and will deal with the majority of questions or concerns that may arise.  For more serious issues, the Progress Leader is there to support you and your child both in terms of their academic progress and for any major pastoral issues that may arise. Please get in touch with your child’s Form Tutor or Progress Leader either by phone, email, letter or a note in your child’s Student Diary.  If you wish to meet with your child’s  Form Tutor or Progress Leader please contact the school office to make an appointment.  The Attendance Officer should be kept informed about illness, absence, dental or medical appointments.

    School Council
    School Council is a wonderful opportunity for students to share their views and to have a say in the day to day running of the school. Every pupil is a member of the School Council and is entitled to contribute ideas and opinions but to make the council manageable; we have two representatives from each form group. Pupils can sign up to different areas of school life that they are interested in developing e.g. teaching and learning, marking and feedback, working with primary schools and staff who are leading new initiatives in these areas will work with committees of student representatives. This means that many more pupils can have their voice heard than just the two form representatives.

    Each half term, or more often if needed, senior staff will ask for pupil feedback on key areas of the school development.   This will take place through the more traditional form group meetings or online questionnaires and the responses will be fed back to the whole school.  There is a ‘Suggestion Box’ in the library which is available at all times for pupils to ask any questions or to make suggestions.  Pupils can also speak directly to Mrs Daly who will put their ideas forward. Hillside is very proud of its School Council and it’s something we feel has made a considerable difference in several key areas of both teaching and learning and the wider school community.  We are looking to keep developing and refining the ways in which we truly give our pupils a voice about the things which really make a difference to school life and welcome everyone to the School Council.

    Peer Supporters
    Our Peer Supporters are Year 11 pupils who work with Year 7 form groups during morning registration to listen to pupils read. They also work with the Literacy Co-ordinator to put together handwriting practise booklets for pupils who are struggling with the presentation of their work. Peer Supporters also represent the school community at Open Evening, Parents’ Evenings and other high profile events. Peer Supporters are pupils who have been nominated by staff for their maturity, reliability and for generally being positive role models in and around school. Peer Supporters may also have other leadership roles in school e.g. Sports Leaders. You can easily spot the Peer Supporters as they have light blue coloured ties and bright yellow Peer Supporter badges.