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    Physical Education
    Mr M Ward
    Subject Leader
    Email: sport@hillsidehigh.co.uk
    Departmental Twitter Feed: @hhs4sport


    Within Physical Education we aim to provide every pupil with a wide range of physical learning opportunities that stretch and challenge both the mind and body. We aim to harness and develop skills for life that pupils can select and adopt in changing situations and increase their confidence and self-esteem to support all aspects of their education and lives as a whole. Through physical education all pupils will enjoy and achieve within a safe environment in which they can flourish.

    Pupils will work individually and as part of a group or team to overcome challenging problems that they face. Within physical education we promote participation for all, provide pathways for pupils to continue their physical experiences and foster the highest expectations in order to achieve excellence.

    The Physical Education department uses a wide range of teaching approaches to provide excellent lessons which are fun, challenging and engaging to pupils of all abilities.

    Key Stage 3

    At Hillside, pupils in Years 7 and 8 study a wide range of activities which develop key skills and concepts in physical education. Pupils understand the importance of performing under pressure and experience this within competitive situations, whilst also evaluating and assessing their own and others performance.

    Lessons develop pupils' capacity to apply principles of how to outwit an opponent, accurately replicate movements and actions, explore and communicate ideas, concepts and emotions, perform at maximum levels, identify and solve problems and exercise in a safe and effective manner. Within physical education pupils also learn the importance of leading a healthy and active lifestyle and apply their skills in a range of competitive environments.

    Throughout Key Stage 3 pupils self-assess their own and others' work and teachers regularly provide both formative and summative assessment on pupils' progress.

    Key Stage 4

    All pupils in Years 9, 10 and 11 study core Physical Education. This includes a wide range of activities using a ‘sport education’ approach to learning. Within this pupils are assigned individual roles within a team, which support the learning of others. Over the course of the year teams compete for points within a season of sport.  In addition, pupils can also opt to study GCSE PE or Sport Science.

    GCSE assessment includes regular controlled tests and two end of Year 11 final examinations for the theoretical elements of the course. Pupils are also assessed practically based on their performance and capacity to evaluate and analyse performance. The GCSE option provides the grounding for pupils to go on to study the AS Level in Physical Education.

    Sport Science is a vocational course for which the evidence is coursework-based. Pupils complete assessments throughout the course and build up portfolios to show evidence of their learning. The Sport Science course links physical education and sport to the world of work.

    Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities

    We have a wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities that cater for every pupil at Hillside. These include: football, netball, badminton, fitness, dance, multi sports, trampoline, basketball, cricket, handball, athletics and rounders.

    In order to motivate and inspire pupils, and thereby support their learning, pupils are also provided with opportunities to compete both in school through inter form competitions and against other schools.

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