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    Religious Studies
    Mrs N Ford 
    Subject Leader
    Email: rs@hillsidehigh.co.uk
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    The overall aim is to encourage pupils to develop a positive attitude towards other people, respecting their right to hold different beliefs from their own, and towards living in a society of diverse beliefs and cultures. We aim to teach tolerance and challenge prejudice towards people of different race and beliefs through providing opportunities to develop an understanding of the value of living in a multi-cultural, multi-faith and multi-lingual society.

    Religious Studies lessons provide time for pupils to reflect upon their own needs, experiences and questions about life and to confront what are sometimes referred to as ‘ultimate questions'. Such reflections encourage to pupils to develop an open mind to new and different concepts and to form their own opinions based on evidence and argument.

    Pupils are encouraged to develop a lively and enquiring mind so to acquire the decision-making skills needed in adult life.

    Key Stage 3

    The Key Stage 3 curriculum provides pupils with a rich array of study of world beliefs and cultures. Pupils are given the opportunity to study the central beliefs of the five major world religions (Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism and Buddhism) and the atheist belief system of Humanism. 'Ultimate questions' such as "How was the universe created?”, “Is there a life after death?" and "Why are we here?" are explored in lessons and the 'answers' to such questions from various belief systems are addressed and evaluated by pupils through debate and discussion. Ethical issues are central to the curriculum's structure.

    Schemes of learning investigate historical and current issues of prejudice and discrimination in order to address the necessity to stand up to hatred and to instil a sense of social responsibility amongst our pupils.

    Key Stage 4

    At Key Stage 4 all pupils study a GCSE in Religious Studies which they study for one hour a week. This requires pupils to investigate current scientific research and theory and address the issues that can arise from scientific and medical advances. Issues such as euthanasia and abortion are addressed from both the atheist and Christian perspective.

    Philosophical enquiry is also central to the KS4 curriculum with pupils investigating the origins of the universe and the evidence for/against life after death.

    Enrichment and Extra Curricular Activities

    KS4 RS Club - this is a drop in session held every lunch time and after school (2.45pm – 3.30pm) which offers all pupils additional support with their GCSE study.

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