Hillside High School

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    Assessment and Reporting

    Life After Levels

     Hillside measures progress pupils make against their Minimum Expected Grades.

    Minimum Expected Grades (MEGs)

    Pupils are set Minimum Expected Grades (MEGs) in all subjects. These are based upon the new GCSE grade system and are numbered 1-9 (with 9 being the highest grade). The expectation is that pupils will maintain their performance at these MEGs at each assessment point.


    Pupils are assessed under exam conditions at each P2S round using similar style assessments to the final GCSE. This equips pupils over time with the necessary skills to tackle the final examinations in Year 11.

    Reporting Home - Progress to Success

    There are three reporting rounds - P2S1, P2S2 and P2S3 during the academic year.

    At the end of each round of assessment you will receive a report which will give you information about your child’s progress in the subjects they are studying.  Attainment, attitude to learing and behaviour for learning are all assessed so that you can see the full picture of your child’s progress during the year.

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