Hillside High School

Excellence in the Heart of the Community

Wade Deacon Trust

    Rewards Scheme

    Excellence Points

    At Hillside we have an exciting reward system called 'Excellence Points' whereby staff reward pupils for various aspects of school life.  Pupils are encouraged to achieve a certain number of Excellence Points each term in order to be part of the reward at the end of that term. 

    Pupils can be rewarded against the following criteria, each of which earns them 5 Excellence Points:

    • Excellent effort towards attendance
    • Excellent effort in being organised
    • Excellent demonstration of doing the right thing
    • Excellent piece of work
    • Excellent behaviour and attitude to learning
    • Excellent demonstration of reflection
    • Excellent contribution to the life of the school
    • Excellent demonstration of resilience
    • Excellent class participation
    • Excellent demonstration of self improvement