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    Rewards Scheme

    Vivo Miles

    At Hillside we have an exciting online reward system called Vivo Miles. Every pupil has a Vivo account and teachers log onto Vivo to reward pupils for various aspects of school life.  Pupils then redeem their Vivo Miles in the Vivo shop. The following criteria are used for awarding Vivo Miles: 

    Please visit www.vivomiles.com for more information.

     You can be rewarded for No. of Vivo Miles 
    Achieving personal attendance target during a half term 10
    Attending revision class 5
    Caught doing the right thing! 5
    Completion of an outstanding piece of work 10
    Demonstrated a positive attitude to learning and excellent behaviour throughout a lesson 10
    Excellent personal organisation in terms of 'Essential 8' 2
    Excellent use of the purple pen during marking dialogue 5
    Form Tutor's Pupil of the week 25
    Going above and beyond! 10
    Golden Vivo for 100% attendance for whole class 10
    Good use of literacy in lessons 2
    Just becuase... 1
    Leader Reader Award 10
    Outstanding contribution to a lesson 5
    Outstanding effort and contribution to extra curricular after school clubs and activities 5
    Outstanding presentation of work 5
    Participation in Sports Leadership 5
    Show consistent and constructive participation in all class activities 10
    Significant Improvement in Attendance or Punctuality 5
    Significantly improved behaviour for learning over half 10