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    School Clubs
    Extra curricular Sports Programme 2017/18



    There are a wide range of club activities that you can join in school. Most activities take place after school. Pupils will have the opportunity to get involved in lots of different activities. These include:




    This runs from 8:00am to 8.40am every day. It provides the opportunity to play games, meet with your friends and work in the Library.




    In Art club, pupils are encouraged to explore different media and develop their skills by exploring possibilities and refining their artwork in order to realise an idea.




    We have various enterprise projects running throughout the year. This year pupils took part in an Enterprise project with EFC to devise a strategy related to ticket sales. Your teacher will keep you informed of the dates of any up and coming projects.




    Computing club provides a great opportunity for you to further develop coding skills using a range of software including scratch, Kodu and Python. There are opportunities after school to use a wide range of computer programs. In addition we also run after school catch up for Key Stage 4 pupils who wish to progress their practical or portfolio elements of their controlled assessment.




    At Hillside, dance is a very popular extra curricular activity. We run a dance club every week that caters for both boys and girls allowing pupils the opportunity to perform at the 'Wally Cain Dance Festival,' school events and other projects that we run during the year. In addition to dance club, you can also audition for the Hillside dance troupe 'Fusion' who are a very successful street dance crew, who are previous winners of Sefton's Got Talen. 'Fusion' perform at many high profile events during the course of the year. We also organise dance workshops and dance trips.




    Pupils attending will be able to enjoy themselves with drama activities whilst improving their performance skills. We work closely with L.I.P.A and there is the opportunity to work with their experienced practitioners. We have regular visits to the theatre, and companies who also visit us to share their skills through different workshops. We have different opportunities to be part of other projects and perform for different audiences. The school production is always an exciting time and gives all of our talented performers the opportunity to work together like a real professional company, really challenge themselves and have a lot of fun.




    History club is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to explore their interest in history and discover things about the past that they would not study in lessons. Over the next year we would like to offer pupils the opportunity to study topics which do not form part of the curriculum for History at Hillside. In particular we will be focussing on ancient history, looking at the development of societies such as the ancient Egyptians and the Romans. Pupils will have the opportunity to research past cultures, for instance the Egyptian developments of medicine whilst also delving into the world of Greek mythology and the adventures of Odysseus. There are lots of opportunities to be creative, have fun and develop historical skills.




    This club is open to all pupils from Monday to Friday after school until 4:00pm. It takes place in the library for pupils wishing to do their independent learning or coursework the Librarian will be available if you need any help. Craft activities and team games also take place as well as movie nights and quizzes.




    In KS3 there is a lunchtime Spanish Club. For KS4 classes, weekly revision masterclasses are held, looking at key skills for GCSE. We also have Spanish cinema club which runs each half term. We alternate between Spanish films that you may never have watched before and English films with Spanish subtitles. Popcorn and drinks are served too.




    Various musical activities are available after school which will give you the opportunity to learn new instruments or to carry on playing instruments already learnt. You can join the Guitar Group, the Keyboard Club, or the Drumming Group. Come along to the Samba Band or join in with the choir. There are also opportunities to take part in extra-curricular music lessons which include: strings, woodwind, drums, brass, guitar, and piano lessons.




    Our after school club has a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) theme, which changes throughout the term. The club will run at certain times during the school year.