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    Since September 2015, Hillside High School has been part of a growing number of schools that are leading the way for more school-led teacher training. We are working in collaboration with schools in the area on the School Direct teacher training programme, led by Wade Deacon High School in Widnes. Through this programme we can choose the very best talent and develop them into teachers to help us in delivering the best outcomes for the pupils at Hillside High School.

    We have vacancies now to start training from September 2017 in a variety of subjects, and we would be very interested to hear from you if you are thinking of becoming a teacher, or know someone who is. We are looking for people who have (or will have) a degree, have a passion for teaching and want to inspire young people to fulfil their potential.

    If you require further information about School Direct teacher-training programme, please contact Wendy Daly, Assistant Vice Principal.

    Link to School Direct consortium - Innovation Enterprise Alliance

    Get into Teaching - Dept. of Education