Hillside High School

Excellence in the Heart of the Community

Wade Deacon Trust

    Uniform & Appearance
    The Uniform
    Skirt: Blue/black tartan skirt
    Blazer: Navy blue with trim and badge
    Blouse White, collar and short/long sleeves

    Cardigan or Pullover:

    Plain navy blue with long sleeves (V-neck pullover or cardigan)
    Tie: Stripe, appropriate to Year Group
    Socks: White
    Tights: Navy blue
    Shoes: Standard black (no kicker boots)
    Trousers: Black
    Blazer: Navy blue with trim or badge
    Shirt: White, collar and short/long sleeves
    Pullover: Plain navy blue, V-necked and long sleeves
    Tie: Stripe, appropriate to Year Group
    Socks: Black, dark grey or navy blue
    Shoes Standard black (no kicker boots)



    P.E. Kit
    Navy blue shirt with light blue trim and logo
    Navy blue shorts with light blue piping
    Light blue football socks
    Training shoes
    Light blue sweatshirt
    Royal blue jersey with logo
    Black shorts
    Royal blue football socks
    Training shoes
    Football boots
    Drama Kit
    Black tracksuit pants, jazz pants or sweatpants
    Black t-shirt with logo
    Black tracksuit pants – no stripes
    Black t-shirt with logo


    Items of clothing which are not allowed

    Under no circumstances may training shoes, pumps or shoes that look like training shoes be worn in school. Shoes must be plain black with no labels, colouring or designs on them. Plimsolls, sparkling or decorated shoes are not allowed. Boots are not allowed. White or other coloured tights, coloured/patterned socks, sweatshirts of any kind, pinafores, scarves, caps or any other variations on standard school uniform are not allowed.

    School Blazer

    A School Blazer is compulsory throughout the school. The only coat you are allowed to wear in school is a blazer. Outdoor coats must be removed inside school buildings.


    A pupil's haircut is a very important part of their overall presentation. The school will not accept extreme haircuts. Pupils are not allowed to have extreme hair colours; colour change should appear natural. The school reserves the right to internally exclude students with an extreme hairstyle. Shoulder-length hair should be tied back for all practical lessons. Hair bands should be plain in their appearance. Hair accessories must be only plain white, navy blue or black in colour.


    Pupils may wear a wristwatch. They may also wear a cross or other symbol of faith for religious reasons, but it may not be visible. Pupils with medical conditions can wear an identify tag. No badges are to be worn other than those issued by the school and one charity badge. Any inappropriate jewellery will be confiscated and placed in the school safe. The school cannot accept responsibility for the safekeeping of jewellery. All jewellery must be removed for Physical Education.

    Make up

    Make-up and nail varnish are not permitted. Pupils who wear make-up and nail varnish will be asked to remove it. Pupils failing to do so when asked will face appropriate sanctions.


    Pupils are not permitted to wear any form of facial or body piercing. Pupils who persistently violate these rules will be internally excluded. Earrings and other piercings covered by plasters are also not acceptable.


    Uniform Suppliers

    All items of daily school uniform can be bought from various specialist shops, including:

    • TRUTEX SCHOOLWEAR, 48-50 LONDON ROAD, LIVERPOOL. L3 5NF (0151 709 7009)

    At Hillside we have extremely high standards of uniform. This means that if a students comes in to school without full uniform for any reason they will automatically spend the day away from other students working in isolation in our withdrawal classroom, Seminar Room 2. This is not a punishment, but a way of ensuring that we maintain our high standards at all times.