For staff this is:

In order to be an effective teacher at Hillside High School I will ensure that:

  • I organise all of my teaching resources in advance.
  • I am punctual to all lessons and greet my class at the door with a smile and make a punctual start to learning.
  • Between lessons I actively supervise the movement of pupils around the building.
  • I plan out social dynamics for group and paired work.
  • I prepare a seating plan that is adhered to every lesson.
  • I ask pupils to make their pencil case visible on the desk.
  • I prepare learning tasks for pupils when they enter the classroom and learning objectives and challenges are clear on the board for all lessons.
  • I ensure that pupils are completing their work to the highest standards of presentation.
  • I take the register at the start of the lesson.
  • I run an orderly lesson and don’t allow pupils to shout out.
  • I have clear and consistent boundaries with sanctions that follow the school’s BfL policy.
  • I reward pupils in line with the school’s rewards policy.
  • I keep the learning environment suitable for my pupils and for the next class to use the room.
  • I ask pupils to stand behind their chairs and check their uniforms before dismissing the class in an orderly manner.